Hyde Park


You should live here if you love the feeling of old neighborhoods and Victorian houses – and don’t feel comfortable in traditional well-to-do neighborhoods (though you might be doing pretty well for yourself). You’ve voted in every single election since turning 18, and have made a New Years resolution to change all your light bulbs to CFLs.

Hyde Park is where I’d live if I had infinite sources of moolah. Why? I love older homes with wide porches and tree-lined streets. It’s really walkable and has easy access to downtown, to boot! We originally lived just north of this area in North Loop, which is a bit more affordable, albeit with smaller homes.


  • Major neighborhood names: Hyde Park, North Loop
  • ZIP code to use in MLS searches: 78751
  • 2021 median listing price: $524K
  • 2021 price/sq ft: $420
  • Rental Prices: Upper range of market
  • Schools: Ranked 5-7 out of 10

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