Southwest Austin


You should live here if you want a newer subdivision, like Circle C, with all the amenities of the suburban life. You may love the look of the Texas Hill Country with its rolling hills, cedar (juniper) trees, and post oaks. Above all you want something affordable to mid-range – lots of bang for your buck, and pretty close in to town.

Circle C is a huge development further off of Mopac (1) to the south of town. Here you’ll find a master planned suburban community with newer large homes, some on golf courses. The homes in this area have a Hill Country look to them with limestone, stucco and cedar posts. Many people like the schools in this area, and claim that the commute to downtown isn’t that bad. Unlike our suburbs to the north, I know quite a few creative types who settle in this area. I’m going to guess that it’s the proximity to 78704 and South Austin in general that pumps up the “coolness” factor.

Belterra is further west on 290 and has newer homes than Circle C. A friend of mine moved here because she wanted a pool and didn’t want to pay “the crazy Austin prices” she saw closer in.

Even further out west on 290 is Dripping Springs, a suburb in the Hill Country. Personally I would hate to commute to town on 290 as it’s the only road in, it’s an undivided highway (which always make me nervous) and it’s always clogged up. If you don’t have to commute to town or don’t mind sitting in traffic, take a look out here for larger homes in newer suburbs. People seem to appreciate the schools out here and the Hill Country scenery, which is hilly and full of post oaks and cedar trees.


  • Major neighborhood names: Circle C, Oak Hill, Belterra, Dripping Springs
  • ZIP codes to use in MLS searches: 78739, 78749, 78736, 78737, 78620
  • 2021 median listing price: $450 – 620K (depending on neighborhood)
  • 2021 price/sq ft: $222
  • Rental Prices: Upper range of market
  • Schools: Ranked 5-9 out of 10

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